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Systems Installations


The act of preparing a computer software for execution , is known as system installation (or setup).


  • ATTENDED INSTALLATION: A user who attends an installation procedure is typically required to make decisions such as accepting or denying an end-user licensing agreement (EULA), expressing preferences such as the installation location, giving passwords, or aiding in product activation.
  • SILENT INSTALLATION: Silent installation allows you to declare the installation parameters for Internet Service Monitoring in an installation response file, then conduct the installation procedure from the command line without requiring any direct input. This strategy is excellent for repeating installations.
  • UNATTENDED INSTALLATION: The typical way of deploying a Windows operating system is an unattended installation.
  • HEADLESS INSTALLATION: Oracle Communications Session Delivery Manager Headless Installation is a quick, simplified installation approach that does not require the setup programme.
  • SCHEDULED OR AUTOMATED INSTALLATION: An installation procedure that begins at a predetermined time or when a predefined condition occurs, as opposed to an installation process that begins expressly at the user’s demand.
  • CLEAN INSTALLATION: A clean install is a software installation that removes all prior versions.
  • NETWORK INSTALLATION: The process of choosing and placing the hardware and other components that make up a network or other connected group of devices.