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Business to business (B2B) Services:

We at follow B2B Services in selling IT products & computer services online (Ecommerce).
Business-to-business or B2B refers to business-to-business e-commerce activities. Ecommerce companies can trade with suppliers, distributors or agents. These transactions are generally made through electronic data exchange or electronic data exchange. In general, B2B has higher security requirements than B2C. For example, manufacturers and wholesalers are B2B companies. By using B2B e-commerce, companies can improve the efficiency of many common business functions, such as supplier management, inventory management, and payment management.

With business applications that support e-commerce, companies can better manage supplier costs by reducing purchase order processing costs and cycle times. This has the added benefit of being able to process multiple purchase orders at the same time at a lower cost. Ecommerce technology can also shorten inventory billing and order cycles by connecting trading partners to the business and providing faster access to data. Businesses can improve their inventory control capabilities by electronically tracking order shipment. As a result, inventory levels are reduced and companies are better able to provide just-in-time services.

This e-commerce technology is also used to improve the efficiency of payment handling between the company and its partners and distributors. By processing payments electronically, businesses can reduce administrative errors and speed up invoice processing, resulting in lower transaction costs.