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LTO Drive

About LTO Device:
Hewlett-Packard (HP), International Business Machines (IBM), and Seagate Technology developed the open-format LTO tape storage technology. By using the term “open format,” consumers are able to choose from a variety of suitable storage media products.

The high-performance, high-capacity IBM LTO-8 Tape Drive is a data storage system intended for open systems applications backup and restoration. These files may include of transaction processing, multimedia, images, huge databases, and other storage-intensive software.

In terms of cost, capacity, dependability, portability, and security, LTO Technology is still unmatched, and it continues to be essential for data protection. A disk-based storage system can be enhanced by an LTO tape solution by adding an offline or backup option. This implies that even in the event of virus or a data security incident, your data can still be safeguarded.

LTO tape is the perfect answer for some of the most demanding applications, whether you’re storing priceless data, managing hours of digital video, or just conveying massive data files.